After the carnaval: Brazilectro


I know that this post will make my special Barceloneta neighbour happy, so let’s dedicate it to her, when she is breaking free,! Weronika is a great supporter and has given me quite insightful feedback on how could Lusofonetica evolve. Anytime Weronika comes to my place she is like, “Can we listen to this Brazilian sound?” and I know she means “After the carnaval” LP. Winter, or summer, it makes us smile, especially that we both live on the same street, literally steps away from the beach.

Following the rule that the more multiculti the project is, the better, it applies to Brazilian contemporary music as well. If Brazilian music is already multicultural enough, how interesting it must be if you add up German and Dutch producers to it! I would like to present a very appealing group Zuco103 introduced to me during one of my visits to Amsterdam in search of the new sounds. I was following the Dutch label Dox Records at that time and Zuco103 was their revelation. They combined everything I loved in music: soulful/jazzy beat, vocals of the Brazilian singer and a bunch of exotic samples. Experimenting with different styles, from downtempo ballads to drum’n’bass and electronic music in an extensive sense of it, it cannot make you feel bored. One of their tracks is even called Brazilectro, which for me makes a great definition of what they do. All of their albums share the same surprise, cheerful sound, yet a bit of saudade mode, too. Find some samples below, some of them combine English and Portuguese lyrics, which makes a good starting point for the Portuguese-aficionado beginners. Well, it worked for me at least!


suco (zuco) – juice